Ingeneral about the monograph

What are its features and generally how to write a monograph?

This is a scientific paper that reveals one specific topic, studies, describes and draws conclusions. Usually, in order to defend a doctoral dissertation, the publication of monographs is required. Also in the monograph, the author has the opportunity to show his personal point of view on the problem or subject of research. Any research conducted sufficiently fully and deeply can compose a monograph.

What are monographs?

Despite the fact that the concept of “mono” lies at the very core of the word “monograph”, they are different. Possible monographs:

  • Monograph by one author – classic version
  • Monograph of several authors.

Say your research is not enough for a monograph. But there are several more scientists who are also involved in this subject. In this case, it will be more profitable for all of you to unite for a monograph than to print articles separately. If the monograph is a support for the dissertation, then it should be an author. And, more importantly, it should fit the topic of the dissertation. Publishing a monograph will greatly help you in defense. However, despite the same content, the monograph should be written in normal, not scientific, language. The text should be easy to read.

What should be the monograph?

The monograph should have several qualities:

  • Clearness. This work is not for you, but for people. It may also be students who do not understand the very specific terminology. Therefore, the writing language should be simple and understandable. Terms should be explained.
  • Brevity. The monograph itself should not be more than 10-15 pages. The same goes for the name. Choose the most concise option. Maximum – 6 words.
  • Rating. The author must provide a personal assessment of the facts, personal research and conclusions. It is impossible to compose a monograph from the papers of other scientists.
  • Review. If the monograph is in support of the doctoral, it must receive reviews. There should be at least two of them.

Here the monograph is ready, reviews are received. The next step is publishing. The best option is the publication of the capital. But it will also mean high cost. Sometimes scientists agree to put the data of the Moscow publishing house, and print in a less expensive one. It is much more profitable. You can also print not in hard, but in soft binding.

Monograph for doctoral dissertation

As already mentioned, in order to defend a doctoral dissertation, a monograph must have some features. Firstly, she should receive reviews. This should be the reviews of at least two doctors of science, or scientists of a higher rank.

It is also important to print it as a scientific publication. Everything in the monograph should be drawn up according to the requirements. If you are having difficulty writing a monograph, you can contact us. Professionals from online dissertation writing group will make excellent paper for you in the right time. We will help you with all the difficulties that arise in the process of writing a monograph.